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Utopia Station is pleased to introduce 4 off site projects...
Andrea Zittel, High Desert Test Sites

High Desert Test Sites is a series of experimental art sites located along a stretch of desert communities including Pioneer town, Yucca Valley, Joshua tree and 29 Palms. These locations provide alternative, free space for experimental, work by both emerging and established artists.

The HDTS mission is to challenge traditional conventions of ownership, property and patronage. Most projects will ultimately belong to no one, and they are intended to melt back into the landscape as new ones emerge.

Organized by Andrea Zittel, Shaun Caley Regen, John Connelly and Andy Stillpass, website design Lisa Anne Auerbach


Superflex is comprised by three central members: Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger and Rasmus Nielsen, who are joined by various international collaborators on individual projects. Since 1995, they have worked on a series of discrete initiatives involving such issues as energy production in developing countries, internet television studios for specific neighborhoods and communities and brand name copy production in South East Asia. Though very different, all these projects relate closely to questions of power relations, democracy and self-organization.

Superflex look at their works as tools. The tools are considered as invitations rather than representations; invitations that call for a participation and continuation. The tools represent models that are being used by different persons or groups they are not "alternatives" but are continuations and show real behavior patterns.

Armin Linke, a book on demand:

This site is an interactive archive of pictures by Armin Linke. You can select the pictures you like and compose your own personal book. The book will be published by a+m bookstore edizioni, Milano and printed with a special digital offset technology by Graphistudio. You will receive the book at home in about three weeks.

Feel free to use the site as a research/play tool even if you do not wish to order a copy of the book. You may search the pictures according to two systems:
- full index, a dictionary list of all the words included in the captions (the list will take some seconds to load as it contains a lot of information)
- search by word, typology or place; a list of images will appear and you will be able to select the ones you prefer and add them to the layout of the book.
The image sequence of the layout is decided by the sequel of your choice. ou may add 16 pictures to the layout.

(The production cost is 25.00 + shipping charges payable on our credit card secure server.)

Drawing: Jacques Herzog, 2003


RAM, created by ZERYNTHIA in 2002, is the prototype of a virtual space devoted to the elaboration of sound projects looking at the radio as an artistic independent space. RAM collects interviews with artists and their self-portraits. With its interactive FORUM available to Internet users, RAM is also the place to hold topical debates. The broadcast location is created by Franz West and situated in the Tese delle Vergini garden.

RAM at utopia station:

12 June
2:00PM: Live contribution by Alfredo Pirri, Janusz Podrazik and Cristiana Moldi Ravenna. Followed by a performance of Nicoletta Agostini con Raiz.
Broadcasting of sound projects.
4:30PM live interviews with JANUS magazine by editor in chief Hendrik Tratsaert.
5:00PM: Forum discussion titled "habitat" will present artists and experts talking live.

13 June
1:00PM: Performances by Vettor and Mimma Pisani and by Luigi Ontani. Broadcasting of soundtracks.
4.30PM: Interviews with Janus magazine (part two).
5:00PM: Forum discussion titled "unlimited mileage", with Trieste Contemporanea magazine.

14 June
Noon: Artists' broadcasts.
1:30PM: Interviews with Janus Magazine (part three).
2:00 - 3:00PM: Forum titled "prototypes". From 5.00PM: Mentioning biennial rewards

Sound projects include works by Bagnoli, Fabre, Garutti, Ratti, CRIMSON, Prini, Bain, Amorales, Rizzo, Bassiri, Spaziani, Dafni/Papadatos, Moro, Esposito, Gillick, Jonas, Asdam, Simeone, Paris, Scotto di Luzio, Pivi inviting Cunningham, Lucchi Basili, Normant, Fishkin, Whitney and Adams, Creed. Janus interviews with Friedman, Hirschhorn, Dockx, Verschaere, de Duve, Mannaerts, Eyberg and others.

Drawing of the radioartemobile poster by Mario Merz

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